Developing apps and automating my life with software.

Learn how to automate tasks to save you time, and follow along as I develop different apps.

My Goal

Create useful apps for people to use, and explain useful tips I find alongside time saving automations you can use yourself.

What You Can Expect

Straight forward content, that's easy to understand and follow.

Such as weekly articles on the apps I'm developing, and content on how you can take advantage of technology to be more productive and save your valuable time.

Going Forward

Expect more content in 2022, as I really dive in and start creating. 

I'll also be looking to do video content alongside my articles, where it makes sense of course.


Curated tech content delivered straight to you.

Each email will contain a quick read on a range of topics such as;

  • Useful tips and tricks that allow you to do more, faster
  • Automations that will save you time
  • Advice on how to take advantage of what's freely available to you already
  • and more..
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My Content

Here you'll find my content from personal projects to helpful tips and tricks.

Smart Home Matrix

Building an app that will help people find and select the best smart home products for their home.
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tips & Tricks

Discover new features and functionalities for your iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac.
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