Who Is this guy?

Rob Green

Background Check

If you haven't already guessed, I'm Rob, first time content creator, long time content consumer.

Aside from very short walks on the beach, I enjoy technology and everything that comes with it.

Keeping it super simple, when I purchase a new piece of tech I end up finding myself looking into the features that aren't super obvious but will be super useful.

And when I find something new, which is often, I like to let my wife know with a hearty “you'll never guess what I just found out”, which as you can imagine she loves.

Anyway she agreed, I mean.... we agreed it would be best if I had another outlet.

So here I am, creating content for you great people looking for new and useful ways to use the tech you already own.


I have quite a few, but in order to keep this site family friendly I'll stick to the below few.
1. Doing more with tech (new features, functions and shortcuts)
2. Automating where I can (where it makes sense)
Now I'll be the first to admit, I would automate everything if I could, but you soon realise that isn't the smartest idea.

While automating as much as I can is helpful in learning, it's not very practical. Which is why any automation I discuss will have a practical reason you'll want to implement it in your life.

Vision & Goals

My aim is solely to create content that provides value. It could be a useful tip, tricks or automation, the only criteria is that it works and it's practical.

With an ultimate goal of teaching you something new or saving you time which you can use in more meaningful manner, like taking a longer break from chores.
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